Warwick, NY —
Shop 'Til You Drop

I love to window shop eclectic Main Street, with its quaint country flair. The individual-owned boutiques and eateries are as diverse as my mood. This historic row of merchantry reminds me how people have been village shopping and socializing for well over a century here.


Michael J. Newhard owns and runs this gift shop which combines an old-school toy store, bath and body boutique and home store in one. Where else can you go and see your town mayor behind the counter when looking for that pretty bauble to delight your wife or a quick, tasteful gift, to be neatly wrapped as a matter of course? They’ve always got just the thing here and that’s why I keep coming back.

"There of course is a throwback retro candy store to delight my sweet tooth"


A twin, with a sister-shop in Newport, RI, this packed country store offers the best in French Country décor that include endless black wooden signs with just that smart saying on them, to give me new perspective. Always a pleasure to buzz through and see what sale item I might find in the coveted sale cupboard.

Cactus Pete’s

This new shop is what is great about Warwick. It is a small business beef jerky shop and Main Street’s newest addition to our chamber of commerce. There is no limit to the things people make and sell here.

"No matter what you choose to enjoy while visiting Warwick, it is always inviting, warm and reminiscent of simpler times."

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