A Day in the Country

With an upscale, yet rustic vibe, Warwick has a chic New York style all its own. Nurturing history’s finest preservation, and a flair for artisanal food and farm markets, it’s all about celebrating the simple pleasures in life. There is always a festival or happening--done to the nines. Warwick is a town that anyone can enjoy, with its mix of boutique commerce, historic sites, art and beautiful landscapes lending to an endless litany of outdoor activities. Here, you can revel in a do-nothing weekend, or go for it all. It is the ultimate escape to the country, but when it’s time to go out, it’s got a killer list of entertainments that will get you socializing faster than you can say, “New York.”

Warwick has always been a magnetic tourist destination for surrounding towns. Known as The Queen Village of Orange County since Continental Army times, it has boutique shops galore, locally owned eateries, and roving fields to delight the eye. People come from all around to pick our apples and visit the 4 wineries here. It is a place to fall in love in and fall in love with – and I should know, as I live within a quick walk to the center of town. Here’s a laundry list of where I would send first-time visitors for a day in the country. I know they will return again and again, because one day here, is never enough.

"Bellvale Creamery has the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted and a killer view of the towns below!"

Antiquing –

Walking on the main strip of Warwick, you will see a plethora of antiquing destinations and shops, often set within historic buildings themselves. One such shop, the 1810 House hosting Bertolini & Co. has found treasures and is an interior design studio in one. You never know what new obsession you’ll find, and with my wife working the floor, I often marvel at the new host of pieces on display when I visit. The architecturally stunning building backs up to a historic garden terrace, open to visitors, and the lawn of Lewis Park, which overlooks the Old School Baptist Church. Town meetings have been held here for over 200 years, and I just love that connection with the past.

Shopping on Main –

Warwick resists commercialization by mandating shops be locally owned. It keeps the town quaint and is why so many love to visit the artisan shops.

Grab a Bite –

You’ll have your choice of cuisine, for any budget or intent. Warwick has so many restaurants because the people who live here are always out and about... and eating well!

"Warwick has its luxurious side, with million dollar estates intermixed with modest homes. You can never tell who’s who; the community is tight and just… truly friendly."

While much of Warwick is about down home and simplicity, it has its high-end side as well. Just outside the border of town is The Glenmere, a truly luxurious hotel and spa for New York’s elite. It’s clientele always put a skip-over to Warwick for a stroll down Main Street on their list of to-do’s while taking respite in the posh establishment. They love our history, wineries, pretty streets and antique-y allure. Charlotte’s Tea Room offers a fabulous place for al fresco luncheons and Bertolini & Co. is one of the guests’ destination shops, being an interior and garden design as well as an antiques emporium business curated by famed area designer Michael Bertolini.

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