Concord, MA —
The Historical Beauty of Concord

There is no place where my husband and I would rather live than Concord, Massachusetts. Its rich history, physical beauty, cultural offerings and charming shops make it a popular destination for tourists. These same treasures, along with excellent schools, public transportation and two thriving downtowns make it especially attractive to those who are looking for a unique place to call home.

A town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Just a 45 minute drive from Boston
Getting Here
Follow MA-2 W to Walden St in Concord

"here in Concord where they lived, one can almost come to know them on a personal level. "

Patriots’ Day is not the only time that we visit the Old North Bridge. Like many Concord residents--and the tourists who pass through--we love to walk to the bridge and spend a few moments taking in the natural beauty of the Concord River as it flows along its winding path. The bridge, along with the magnificent, iconic Minuteman statue by Daniel Chester French, is a favorite backdrop for picture taking. Sunsets with the Minuteman in profile never disappoint.

Many of us have learned about Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau and Louisa May Alcott to some degree in school, but here in Concord where they lived, one can almost come to know them on a personal level. Their writing comes alive here and their presence is felt in the historical homes that honor them —such as the Orchard House and Wayside.

"Winters are magical and picturesque, while spring offers brilliant displays of color "

In addition to the Colonial Inn, Concord boasts a number of excellent restaurants and we do not need to travel far to enjoy a high quality meal. Salt Box Kitchen and Woods Hill Table, both located in West Concord, honor and support the town’s agricultural history by supporting local farmers through their farm to table philosophies and offerings. Salt Box Kitchen sources its produce through its own Salt Box Farm, located right here in Concord.

These are some of the many reasons why we love living in Concord. Come visit and discover a few of your own.

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