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Tarrytown, NY - A Perfect Fall Day

Stone Barns Center in Tarrytown is one of my most favorite places to visit year round, but particularly during the holidays, it is a great place to spend time with my family. Located 25 miles north of Manhattan, this working farm and teaching center offers so much to see and do - from the farm tours, to workshops and Blue Hill Restaurant which was recently named “Best Restaurant in America” by the national food site, Eater, there is something for everyone.

I recently had the opportunity before the Thanksgiving holiday to spend some time on the grounds with my family. We had the good fortune of enjoying a beautiful, crisp day.

"Upon arriving, the first thing we noticed was a very large flock of turkeys."

We couldn't help but laugh to hear them all gobble in unison. I'm sure they were no doubt getting ready for the impending holiday.
From there, we walked the trails and marveled at the scenic views and hillsides. We made sure to wear comfortable walking shoes so that we could take full advantage of the area. We saw a variety of animals during our travels…cattle, chickens, ducks and pigs. It is always so comforting to see that the livestock have so much freedom and ability to move around.

After our walk, we had worked up an appetite and made our way over to the coffee shop. We not only enjoyed the artisanal coffee, we also indulged in delicious chocolate croissants.
On our way out, we took a detour behind the building. A couple of years ago, my husband, Paul, and his friend, John, built a smoker for Blue Hill to be used to flavor meats and vegetables. It really was a beautiful piece - carefully crafted out of Cherry wood and topped off with a copper roof. We thought it might have been decommissioned, but sure enough, when we walked behind the building, there it was and in perfect working order - smoke rising from the now weather worn structure. We were so happy to see it being put to good use, particularly in such an award-winning restaurant.

I continue to look forward to returning to Stone Barns this Winter and will no doubt be there in the Spring. My husband and I have been considering taking advantage of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. We are truly fortunate to have a place that offers farm fresh food, and also educates and gives back to the community.

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