City Life

Fort Lee, NY —
The beauty of Fort Lee is in the details

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West Harlem, NY —
West Harlem is my favorite neighborhood in Upper Manhattan!

West Harlem is my favorite neighborhood in Upper Manhattan and has been my home for the past 12 years I love the Parisian and multicultural feel of this beautiful Manhattan enclave nestled between Morningside[...]

Battery Park City, NY —
Countless Lifestyle Opportunities!

At times it is easy to forget that Manhattan is an island and sailing is part of its history and culture As an avid sailor my youth was spent growing up in New York City and revolved around sailing boatyards[...]

The Florida Grapefruit League

Florida has been home to the Florida Grapefruit league for over 125 years Each spring 15 MLB teams more south to Florida to prepare for the season ahead all while basking in the Florida Sunshine Teams[...]

Naples, FL —
Your Next Home

Naples Florida is quickly growing as more and more young people are moving to this Gulf Coast city In a recent study conducted by Gallup Healthways Well Being Index Naples Florida was ranked the nation[...]

Upper East Side

When it comes to finding a destination that satisfies a vivid imagination and an adventurous spirit New York City always delivers Pay a visit to the Upper East Side for the proof This neighborhood of Manhattan[...]

West Hartford, CT —
West Hartford Has It All

Having lived here all my life you should definitely take it from me that West Hartford has it all It s no wonder that Time Money Magazines ranked West Hartford 15 in Top Places to Live in the Country In[...]

Brooklyn, NY —
Exploring Red Hook

Red Hook is my favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn full disclosure it is also where me my fiance my dog Bonaparte live The neighborhood is very unique and artistic It is not connected directly to the MTA[...]

Manhattan, NY —
the last remnant of small town America

The last remnant of small town America is found in New York City Each neighborhood is a self contained community with its own school deli fire house shops and all the amenities you need Picking the right[...]
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