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Rowayton, CT —
The Charm of Rowayton Today

The picturesque village of Rowayton lies at the mouth of the Five Mile River adjacent to Darien CT Rowayton has around 3 000 people living in approximately 1 500 households Rowayton retains its charming[...]

Fairfield, CT —
Greenfield Hill, New England at its finest

Understated tranquility comingles with well maintained homes and two acre properties Scenic country roads flanked by stone walls and lush mature landscapes create the legendary community that is Greenfield[...]

Provincetown , MA —
The Surprises of Provincetown

At the farthest corner of the Cape you ll find all the surprises of Provincetown Once known as a Portuguese fishing community Provincetown is now a thriving community of art and cultural events throughout[...]

West Harlem, NY —
West Harlem is my favorite neighborhood in Upper Manhattan!

West Harlem is my favorite neighborhood in Upper Manhattan and has been my home for the past 12 years I love the Parisian and multicultural feel of this beautiful Manhattan enclave nestled between Morningside[...]

Hingham, MA —
The Festival of Americana

Hingham s 4th of July celebration is one of the town s most cherished traditions in this quintessential New England small town It is a festival of Americana where friends and family gather to celebrate[...]

Battery Park City, NY —
Countless Lifestyle Opportunities!

At times it is easy to forget that Manhattan is an island and sailing is part of its history and culture As an avid sailor my youth was spent growing up in New York City and revolved around sailing boatyards[...]

Glastonbury, CT —
The perfect blend of both historic beauty and modern convenience

Glastonbury Connecticut is a town with the perfect blend of both historic beauty and modern convenience We are fortunate to have The Historical Society of Glastonbury which informs residents and visitors[...]

Essex, CT —
Welcome to Essex and Bon Voyage!

Ah Paris No doubt Paris is a romantic city but I have mixed feelings about it Do I miss Paris Yes for the memories of visiting it with my family Yes for my favorite museum the Musee D Orsay where I immersed[...]
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