Shelton, CT —
Country Living

When I first moved to Shelton in 1980 it was a totally different city than you will see today. To me, it was “country living.” There was farmland everywhere and just down the street from us was a milk machine. Yes, you stopped at the milk machine on Walnut Tree Hill Road, put your money in (cash) and when you were short on milk at 10:00 pm, you were always in luck. This was surely a primitive version of our now 24/7 convenience stores.

"On this day, the main street in the downtown area shuts down to traffic."

Shelton has an abundance of open space. Through its open space are walking trails which you can find the exact trails and the length of the trail on the Shelton Website.

Dog Park: How great is this! A place where you and your pup go to play and to meet others in the area and have a great get-away from the rest of the world!

Shelton Day! On this day, the main street in the downtown area shuts down to traffic. Vendors, singers and performers take the place of the cars. You can eat, be entertained and find out a lot about local business. This is a fun and great family day. There are also carnival rides close by in the Veterans Memorial Park.

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