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If you are professional in the Greater Boston area and looking for a restful country setting to escape to and yet be able to return to Boston quickly, then Plymouth offers you that unique opportunity. In fact, it is exactly 55 miles from most major Boston Hospitals to the southern tip of Plymouth and avoids crossing the Cape Cod Canal. To be able to break away from the beach or golf course and return to Boston within an hour and half or less is such a luxury for living outside America’s city. It has all the benefits of Cape Cod but not the maddening traffic, bridge standstills, and lengthy restaurant waits.

Plymouth has a wealth of historical and natural sites including the especially familiar Plymouth Plantation. Don’t miss the town’s mainstay, the Mayflower Replica, permanently docked in Plymouth Harbor. You’ll find the world-famous Manomet Bird Observatory and the Myles Standish State Forest, which is part of the Atlantic coastal pine barrens ecoregion and is one of the largest forests north of Long Island.

"Don’t miss the town’s mainstay, the Mayflower Replica, permanently docked in Plymouth Harbor."

As a destination resort area, Plymouth offers 14 golf courses, 11 being public. These golf courses have a par ranging from 33 to 72, so they are great for all levels.
The beaches along the Plymouth shoreline are geologically the same as the beaches of Cape Cod Bay. With significant miles of ocean shoreline, Plymouth offers eight beaches, usually with ample parking. Moreover, Plymouth has over 350 fresh ponds and lakes offering an abundance of fresh and saltwater recreational activities.

"These golf courses have a par ranging from 33 to 72, so they are great for all levels."

To accommodate its visitors and townsfolk, Plymouth has over a hundred eating establishments ranging from beach-casual to high-end gourmet restaurants, with many offering convenient take-out services for beach or country-side picnics. Its cultural attractions include the renowned Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra, the newly renovated Spire Center for Performing Arts, and the Plymouth Center for the Arts, which offers performances and showings throughout the year.

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131 G Taylor Avenue, Plymouth (White Horse Beach), MA

A rare opportunity has emerged to own one of the most breathtaking beachfront properties on the South Shore! Imagine stepping through the door and being instantly captivated by a magnificent view of Cape Cod Bay through a wall of glass. As you step onto the deck, the gentle lapping of waves and fresh scent of salt air rejuvenate your senses. And there, in the distance, a pod of whales gracefully enjoying their natural habitat. The evening promises to be truly magical, with five lighthouse beacons sweeping across the bay. Dinner is already simmering on the grill, and you can just picture yourself enjoying a glass of wine, basking in the tranquility and marveling at the fruits of your hard work. This property also holds great potential for a condo conversion, making it a versatile investment opportunity. Currently, it is being used as a two-family residence.

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