Midtown East, NY —
The City That Never Sleeps

The Midtown East area of New York City is comprised of Sutton Place, Beekman Place, Turtle Bay and Tudor City.

Sutton Place is one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, It covers a small area from 53rd to 59th Street, between the East River to Second Ave. The area is named after Effingham B. Sutton, a shipping merchant and entrepreneur who built brownstones in the area in 1875. By the turn of the century the area fell into disrepair. In 1920, it was saved by the arrival of the Vanderbilt’s and the Morgan’s which began the neighborhood transformation into a wealthy enclave. The park and its vistas of the Queensboro Bridge were featured prominently in Woody Allen’s movie, Manhattan. Prominent past and present neighbors include; Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, Aristotle Onassis, Joan Crawford, Dick Clark, Maureen O’Harra, Van Johnson, Bobby Short and former Governor Mario Cuomo. One Sutton Place is considered one of the most sought after pre-war coops.

"Vstas of the Queensboro Bridge were featured prominently in Woody Allen’s movie, Manhattan."

Beekman Place is nestled between 51st Street to 49th Street from First Avenue and the East River. It was named for the Beekman Family, early Dutch settlers who were influential to in New York City’s development. They resided in the area from 1653 to 1723. Mount Pleasant was the name of their family mansion, still located today on First Ave and 51st Street. Historical fact: In September 1776, Nathan Hale was tried as a spy in the mansion’s greenhouse and hanged in a nearby orchard. He was an American soldier and spy for the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He volunteered for an intelligence-gathering mission in New York City but was captured by the British in NYC and executed.

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