Middlefield, CT —
“Fielders” Have More Fun

Growing up, my Dad used to tell me that Middlefield was once a part of the city of nearby Middletown but a tax difference between the urban “Towners” and the rural “Fielders” caused tensions and so, the towns split apart. Although I haven’t found anything to back up his claim, Middlefield remains a sacred place to me and now, to my own family.

"Yes, our little town has ski slopes! They offer lessons and tubing as well."

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Fun facts to put you “In The Know”:

The Town Seal is divided into quadrants and is meant look like the town is being watched through a gun sight. The four sections of Middlefield, in a nutshell.
1) Aside from the gun-sight view, one quadrant represents the old pistol shop that was a large part of Middlefield commerce.
2) Another quadrant represents the orchards and farmland.
3) The third quadrant represents the outdoor activities Middlefield offers such as hunting, fishing and skiing.
4) The last quadrant represents the saltbox-style homes of the 1700’s that still dot the landscape.

There is it! We “Fielders” just have more fun!

Residents here will tell you that the Lyman family is embedded in the DNA of this town. In 1741, farmer John Lyman bought a 37-acre parcel of land here. Now, his family farm covers more than 1,100 acres and is host to countless family attractions. Whether you are picking your own fresh apples, finding your way through the fall corn maze, trying their award-winning pies or enjoying any of their three golf courses, it’s nothing short of a good time.

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