Manhattan, NY —
the last remnant of small town America

The last remnant of small town America is found in New York City. Each neighborhood is a self-contained community with its own school, deli, fire house, shops and all the amenities you need. Picking the right neighborhood is the first step in moving to New York. You have to like your apartment, but you must love your neighborhood.

Local Tip #1

Aside from housing costs, New York City can be very reasonable. Fresh produce from farmers markets is a popular bargain. You can always find an art gallery, a lecture at a community building, or a show in the park.

Local Tip #2

The days of hailing cabs and expensive fares are over. Ride-sharing apps like Via and uberPOOL let you get around the city for about five bucks. Part of the fun is meeting new and interesting people.

Local Tip #3

The best way to meet new people in the Big Apple is by walking a dog. If you don’t have one, borrow one! And yes, there’s even an app for that. Download Bark n’ Borrow on the App Store and you can connect with a new furry friend!

"The best way to meet new people in the Big Apple is by walking a dog."

One of the most fulfilling and cheapest attractions NYC has is the 92nd Street Y (YMCA) on the Upper East Side. You can learn how to judge wine like a billionaire or listen to the latest author discuss their book. There are always guest appearances like Jerry Seinfeld or Oprah popping in to say their piece. Comedy, performing arts; the 92nd Street Y is the most direct way to a cultural New York experience.

Raising your children in NYC? The children who thrive here have parents who have made city living a lifestyle choice. These parents want to expose their kids to all aspects of the city, even if it means forfeiting a “classic” backyard, treehouses and riding your bike to a friend’s house. For these kids, the entire city is their backyard. It offers unlimited opportunities and enrichment on a world-class level. The city long ago figured out how to provide young families the resources they need in an organized, professional and safe manner. This includes child pick-up and take-homes door-to-door. Kids in the city will also grow up knowing more about street safety and being aware of their surroundings.

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