Of Pound Ridge’s 30 square miles, one-third is open space, including a 4,000 acre reservation called Ward Pound Ridge in which a variety of activities takes place year-round, like picnicking, camping, fishing and cross-country skiing. Fun fact: Pound Ridge was named by the Native Americans who originated in the area. It was an expanse of land called “the pound,” where they kept game on the hoof until they needed it for food. To drive the game in, the Native Americans built an enclosure of saplings, also known as, “the ridge,” and saved themselves the trouble of hunting in the winter.

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Pound Ridge, NY —
Pound Ridge, God’s County

Pound Ridge is the smallest town in Westchester County and is often referred to as God's County because of it's picturesque country setting. Weekenders and full time residents alike are drawn to it's open space and small close knit community. In the 1930s, Hiram Halle, a New York inventor and businessman, moved to Pound Ridge and began restoring houses damaged by the British during the Revolution. The real estate attracted actors, writers, artists and musicians seeking a getaway from Manhattan. Benny Goodman, among the first of them, was so enraptured that he wrote a song titled “Pound Ridge”. Residents have included celebrities like the Bush White House spokesman Ari Fleischer, the actor Richard Gere and the newscaster Tom Brokaw.

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