Rich in colonial history, Sudbury, Massachusetts bridges the gap between city and suburb for Boston commuters and their young families. Located 23 miles out from Boston proper, it’s a lovely destination to foster the American dream of individual growth and most importantly, root for the New England Patriots. Small-town feel with an urban edge.

20 miles west of Boston
45 minutes by car
Getting Here
Sudbury is just a short drive down I-90

The Escapes

Sudbury, MA —
An Inside Scoop from a Longtime Resident

Sudbury is a gorgeous, historic town with lovely homes and an excellent school system. It is best suited for people who like a little more rural feel but want their entertainment, shopping and services nearby. I’ve lived in town for 20 years and based on my experiences the people are very friendly. The community protects open space, has wonderful active/passive recreation opportunities and feels like a world away from Boston, yet is only 16 miles from downtown, close to the Mass Pike and has multiple train stations nearby.

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