Claimed to be “the Greatest Town for Fishing in New England” by the King of England’s Royal Agent in 1660, as well as referred to as the birthplace of the American Navy, Marblehead is certainly a destination worth exploring. The town supports those claims today not only with vast fisherman appeal but by boasting a new title: the “Yachting Capital of the World.”
Ocean lovers will find camaraderie here, as residents find that affection for the splendor of the sea is a common thread.

A coastal New England town in Essex County
Just a 45 minute drive from Boston
Getting Here
Take MA-1A N until you reach the Revere Beach Pkwy toward Marblehead

The Escapes

Marblehead, MA —
A Whole Lot More to Marblehead

When Coastal Living magazine named Marblehead one of the country’s Happiest Seaside Towns they said, “A great harbor will always make a great coastal town, and Marblehead is exhibit A.” And, that’s the truth. Mostly. We’d argue, however, that (while our harbor is unquestionably beautiful), there’s a whole lot more to Marblehead that makes those of us lucky enough to live here so happy.

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