Live in Shelton and never commute a day in your life, for there is so much work here! With a huge influx of businesses landing & claiming territory, many workers do not have to make the 68-mile trip to New York City for a well-paying job. Shelton, shaped like an arrowhead, has three sections: Huntington, left, has historic churches, Colonials and strip malls; Pine Rock Park has mostly ranches on tiny lots; and White Hills is somewhat rural.

The Escapes

Shelton, CT —
Country Living

When I first moved to Shelton in 1980 it was a totally different city than you will see today. To me, it was “country living.” There was farmland everywhere and just down the street from us was a milk machine. Yes, you stopped at the milk machine on Walnut Tree Hill Road, put your money in (cash) and when you were short on milk at 10:00 pm, you were always in luck. This was surely a primitive version of our now 24/7 convenience stores.

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