Off the main routes, Roxbury prizes peace, privacy and low taxes allowing this quintessential small town to retain a rural character that elevates the term low-key to new heights. Because of the zoning there are no restaurants, movie theaters, liquor stores, dry cleaners, sidewalks, clothiers, condominiums or co-ops. The nearest hospital and supermarket are nine miles away, in New Milford, and the nearest major shopping is at the Danbury Mall, 20 miles away. There are no traffic lights, and crime is so negligible that a resident state trooper and four constables suffice. Keeping a low profile? Head to Roxbury, CT.

The Escapes

Roxbury, CT —
Roxbury is One of Those Places

There are a few spots in this state that make you slow down and sit a while. Roxbury is one of those places. Nothing fancy here. No big box stores, supermarkets, or shops. No stop lights. Yep, that’s right no stop lights. The only time traffic ever really backs up in Roxbury is during Pickin’ and Fiddlin’ when the Roxbury Volunteer Fire Department takes over Hurlbut Park for the day hosting picking and fiddling contests for all ages

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