If you want small, rural New England, make your way to Middlefield, CT for its 1700’s saltbox homes, orchards, farmland and history. Located in central Connecticut, Middlefield is flanked by the Metacomet Ridge, a mountainous rock ridgelines that stretches from the Long Island Sound to Vermont. In winters, you’ll find pond skating at Peckham Park, in fall, the town activity is picking your own fruits and veggies at Lyman Orchards. Clean and safely tucked away, Middlefield is a retreat from the urban jungles!

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Middlefield, CT —
“Fielders” Have More Fun

Growing up, my Dad used to tell me that Middlefield was once a part of the city of nearby Middletown but a tax difference between the urban “Towners” and the rural “Fielders” caused tensions and so, the towns split apart. Although I haven’t found anything to back up his claim, Middlefield remains a sacred place to me and now, to my own family.

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