Swimming in a delightful collection of Victorian and Colonial homes and town structures, you’d be hard-pressed to find modern new developments in Bridgewater, CT. With a third of its residents being categorized as ‘weekenders,’ the town is an escape from work life for many. There are many riding club options for New Yorkers starved for nature to board their horses or partake in the social scene of Bridgewater, which is pleasingly low-pressure. Community events flourish here with a pumpkin catapult party every October and a tractor parade on Labor Day. The Bridgewater Fair every August, a deliberately old-fashioned country fair with pie contests and cheery volunteers, must not be missed.

The Escapes

Bridgewater, CT —
Nestled in the Hills

Nestled in the hills just to the south of New Milford and approximately 80 miles from New York City, Bridgewater is one of the smallest and least developed communities in Litchfield County.

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