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North Stonington, CT —
Town of North Stonington, CT

North Stonington is nestled quietly on the border of Rhode Island, halfway between Boston and New York. While staying urban in areas of entertainment and transportation, it seems to be a step back in time; that is, until you see the Foxwoods Resort and Casino.
Originally part of the town of Stonington, North Stonington split off to be its own town in 1724. It is truly a quintessential New England enclave. Our bucolic town consists of 5,200 townsfolk with likely as many critters, cows, turkeys, alpacas, bison, and horses. North Stonington is also noted for its many working farms, providing Christmas Trees and fresh turkeys. It is home to the Beriah Lewis Farm which has been a cornerstone of the community and in their family for over 224 years! Over 300 cows are milked daily there at the farm.

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