Bedford, NY —
The 1700's of Bedford, Connecticut to Bedford, New York

Bedford, Connecticut was purchased in 1680. In 1700, the boundaries were redrawn and subsequently it became part of New York. From the earliest period of colonial history, Bedford has kept a decidedly New England aesthetic. As the Revolutionary War ensued, Bedford played a significant part in the formation of early America.

As surrounding towns grew and became more densely populated, Bedford clung to its rural nature, and as a result, horse farms continue to predominate the landscape. Equestrian activities are so much a part of Bedford life that it has a vast network of soft, non-paved roads that are dedicated to riding. Whichever way you drive or ride, you can’t travel far without rediscovering the beauty of Bedford.

"More than 11 years after calling Bedford home, new landscapes and discoveries continue to astound me."

Located only 48 miles from NYC, Bedford consists of mostly large parcels of land. It conveys a sense of remote anonymity, yet takes only about an hour by car or train. For this reason, many celebrities, CEO’s, professional athletes, and even a President have homes here. The Town of Bedford is comprised of Bedford Corners, Bedford Hills, Bedford Village, and Katonah. Each section has characteristics uniquely its own, and considering your interests, you will find what you are looking for. From homes that predate our independence from Europe, working farms, large and small stables, magnificent mansions, planned neighborhoods and cottages, there is something for everyone.

Having grown up in Long Island, and a former resident of NYC, the first time I came to Bedford 14 years ago, I knew that someday it would become home. The view of the North Castle reservoir while traveling on Route 684 was a hint of what was about to be revealed. The views on that day, and all of the days since have continued to lead to my greater appreciation of Bedford’s beauty. More than 11 years after calling Bedford home, new landscapes and discoveries continue to astound me. We even have a gorge to hike. As a resident, you can have a permit to keep a rowboat on one of countless reservoirs or ponds.

As you drive around the hamlets of Bedford, you will be able to find locally raised produce, honey, eggs, and ornamental plants. Farm stands abound makes buying local is quite easy here. Shopping in each of the villages, as well larger towns like Greenwich and White Plains (when you have to leave), provide it all within a short drive. Fine dining, antique stores, art galleries, and boutiques, as well as small shops make living here easy to love.

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